Saturday, 12 September 2009 04:00

Much Needed Sabbatical!

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I’m nearing the end of a week-long sabbatical from work, including the website that I maintain.  I have to say that I needed that time more than I even imagined!  I think I found my family again, and they found me.  I took time to rest, but I also took time to work on the Computer, Homeschool, and Office (CHO) room.  It’s the first room you see when you enter the house, and it has sorely been an eyesore, and has kept me from being productive in it.  It’s great to have it completely cleaned and organized.  I didn’t have to move furniture around at all, except for changing the angle of my gigantic desk. 

We still have too many things in the room, but at least they are all organized.  Nothing raises the spirits like a well ordered room.  I wish I could say the rest of the house looked as nice.  I just hope that when I go back to work that the family doesn’t completely throw the room into disarray again!

I’m about to take Arianna to the library, so it’s off now with a light-heart!

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