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My Friend Jeannie

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Yesterday, Jeannie Martin slipped into eternity after a valiant battle against brain cancer.   I lost a friend that really made an impact on my life. One thing about Jeannie, she lived her life out loud.  She wasn't afraid to tell you what she thought, and at times could be very blunt.  She was also very ridiculously funny.  She had the ability to make anyone laugh during even the roughest patches.  She wasn't afraid of what people thought about her.  I think I liked that about her best of all.  Jeannie was Jeannie, and it didn't matter who she was around.  Everyone got the same treatment.  Oh, how she loved life, loved her family, especially all of her grandchildren.  

<p>Jeannie was absentminded.&nbsp; I always got a kick out of it.&nbsp; She would turn in her mileage, and get reimbursed.&nbsp; She'd put her checks into her bag, or one of her books, or who knows where else, and then lose them.&nbsp; She also had several pairs of reading glasses in her office, her car, everywhere but on her face.&nbsp; Whenever she needed them, she couldn't find them.&nbsp; It was an endearing quality.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Jeannie LOVED carbs.&nbsp; Cake, candy, chips, donuts, cake, donuts, and the list goes on and on.&nbsp; I always marvelled at her choices of food because she was so skinny.&nbsp; I guess that's because she was always on the move.&nbsp; She definitely knew how to eat well.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Jeannie had a cracker-jack long-term memory.&nbsp; It paid to have her around.&nbsp; She could tell you what you ate the last time everyone went out together, and whether or not you liked it, even if it was months or years prior.&nbsp; I was shocked the first time she demonstrated that skill!&nbsp; It still amazes me.</p>
<p>Jeannie had great taste in clothes, but she kept forgetting that she was skinny and short when buying them.&nbsp; Therefore, a good bit of my wardrobe was furnished by her.&nbsp; I usually received new skirts and dresses that would reach past the bottoms of her feet, but fit me perfectly.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Jeannie had a great smile!&nbsp; There were times when she'd be irritated, but most of the time, she was smiling, and was always great to be in the room with.&nbsp; I loved her smile.&nbsp; I will miss it.</p>
<p>When Jeannie moved from the Upstate to the Lowcountry, I missed her a lot.&nbsp; Things got quieter and less funny around the office.&nbsp; I still enjoyed talking with her now and then, and we corresponded via email.&nbsp; I will miss those times.&nbsp; I will miss Jeannie's smile, Jeannie's sense of humor, and most of all, I will miss Jeannie.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Jeannie is now healed and sitting at the feet of her Savior.&nbsp; I look forward to seeing her again, on the other side...</p>

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