Wednesday, 02 February 2011 18:27

Waking in the Night

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Pain. There is a lot of it in this world, in this city, in this home, in this room. Some pain is emotional, some is spiritual, and some is physical. In my case, the pain is physical, but it reminds me that others are hurting more than I am. Mothers with sick children - not sick for a day or two, but for a lifetime that will be shortened. Wives who have been betrayed and are now raising children on their own. Men and women with cancer. People who have lost jobs, lost homes, lost loved ones. How do they cope if they don't have Christ? My heart cries for them. I've been through some of these, but my hope isn't on the fleeting and the temporal. My hope is in the risen Savior Christ Jesus. My hope is in the eternal God of the universe who loves me with an amazing love that I don't deserve.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. {bible}Philippians 4:13{/bible}

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