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Decorating for Christmas

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Well, I'm sitting here at my computer reading my favorite blogs and drinking my coffee in the new Christmas coffee cup my mom just gave me. In the background I hear my two oldest, and sometimes the youngest one, arguing about where to put the boxes they are getting out of the attic. I asked them to bring down all the Christmas boxes, as well as boxes containing clothes. I can't believe that here it is December 2nd, and I still don't have our Christmas decorations up. This has got to be the longest I have ever waited.

Of course, I'm not sure why Aric and Arianna are arguing about where to put the boxes. I gave them both explicit instructions as to where they should be put: Christmas boxes into Arianna's soon to be new room, and clothes in front of our display case in our library. Seemed simple to me. Of course, Arianna wants to do things her own way, and in her own time. I figure I will let them argue, get the boxes down, argue more, and hope by the time I get up there that everything will be in it's proper place. It's hard to hear them arguing, but I'm trying to learn to let them work these things out for themselves. Sometimes it is easier to just tell them to close their mouths and not talk for 15 minutes, but that doesn't actually help them to learn to work things out by themselves. Mind you, the little one shouldn't be up in the attic anyway. I suspect that she is standing at the ladder "helping" by getting into the boxes and pulling Christmas stuff out.

The major question you should be asking is why I'm not up there pulling down the boxes with them? I'm afraid of heights and would no more get up that ladder than step into a room full of mice running around. I suppose that if I were in the middle of a flood and the only way I could survive is to climb up there and try to get on the roof, I would probably attempt it. Now, then, why am I not helping? I'm afraid to watch my kids climbing up there because my mommy brain just knows that they will fall. I hate the fact that they are quite unperturbed when climbing up high things. Hey, I get my 17 year old to kill bugs for me, too. Forget the mouse thing. I will leave the house completely if there are any of those. Thankfully my cats seem to discourage mice from visiting or living here. They are my best friends.

Anyway, back to the Christmas decoration saga. Arianna has just informed me that they are not done pulling down boxes, and that she's not speaking to him anymore because he found a fake spider the size of my hand and threw it at her. I think someone has failed in this child-rearing adventure. Have the kids missed something crucial, or did Gregg and I miss teaching them something along the way? Well, at least she is calm and hasn't tried to either choke her brother or throw him down the ladder. That is a good thing . . . .

In the time that it took me to type all of that (amid interruptions by Arianna), Aric finished pulling down the boxes. I'm not exactly looking forward to decorating. I don't feel well, and I would prefer to do nothing today, but, alas, I still can't believe I haven't decorated yet! Maybe once we get it done, it buoy my spirits. Maybe I will post a picture or two.

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