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Happy 4th Day of Christmas!

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Well, this has been another interesting Christmas at the Entmoot Academy.  Usually I get sick at Christmas.  Normally it is bronchitis—this year it was my lower back.  I could barely walk on Christmas Eve, and I couldn’t straighten myself out.  Christmas Day was a bit worse, but now I am finally getting more mobile in an upright position.  This has really limited some of the things I normally do at Christmas.

My cinnamon dough ornaments have still not been completed.  They sit forlornly on the cookie sheet we baked them on.  I have a spray can of polyurethane to spray them with, but that hasn’t been done yet.  We obviously cannot give them out for Christmas gifts, but we could at least put them on the tree.  Maybe I will feel up to it today.  Who knows!

We had Gregg’s mom, sister and her family here for Christmas Day.  His uncle and my mom were sick, so they couldn’t join us.  We had a good time anyway.  The kids received some great gifts that they really liked.  Since I wasn’t very mobile, I got to sit back and watch everyone else do all the work.  Gregg brought me my plate of goodies.  It was rather nice to tell you the truth.  Arianna and Gregg did a great job getting things set up.  Aric and Arianna did a great job of cleaning up afterwards.

I downloaded the audiobook A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (read by Jim Dale) on Christmas day from Audible.  We listened to some of it, but haven’t finished.  We keep getting involved in other activities.  Jim Dale is a master storyteller, and does a great job at the different voices.  However, if you have ever listened to him read Harry Potter and the . . . . , you will notice that he uses the same voices, so I always expect to hear Sirius Black or Voldemort enter into the conversation.  It is still very enjoyable.

Aneira turned SIX the day after Christmas.  We went over to my mom’s house to have the little party.  Since we didn’t see her on Christmas Day, we exchanged gifts before the guests arrived.   Once the guests arrived, Aneira opened up her birthday gifts, and boy did she rake in the goodies!  We gave her mostly Disney Princess stuff.  Grandma gave her a Shining Stars kitty cat where you get to name a star.  We named a star in the Andromeda constellation—Aneira.  We picked that constellation because it means princess.  All in all she had a pretty good birthday.

On a final note, I found this incredible program that turns pictures into ASCII format.  It is licensed under the GNU General Public LicenseIt’s called Ascii Generator dotNET.  With this program you can turn a picture into ASCII format.  It is so cool.  I’ve been playing with it for a couple of hours, and made several creations.  Here is one of them:


                                 , ,,,,.. PDfPPXt0
                                , , ,,,,, D9h1XpS9
                                 , ,,…. FRUP9pSE
                                ,,,,,,,.. hEphpXS0
                              .,, ,.,….,LQtPE9hb
                   , .,   ::79i  ,…….,tQ2PbEpD
             ,..:i7 ,  .j :, ..7i   .:…,UQX000b0
          ,RQQ910X,r.,r7Y: j h :f2r   ::.,JQ1bEEpZ
        iJ,  ,i7:   .,irir 7 :. J:iXc  .i,LQ90bb00
     ,cr.        , i   i:JJ,:.9,1j2RZP.  .cQp90RpM
    , 7J    i:. .::rrY rbjM S,X:r0r:PRRr .:QQbZDDZ
    .,,i : .,,:YM rch9S :J P,.7: rici :hLr: JQQD0R
     . Xi.r.:,.Z2 P1cLpM.t .EQp9QDQQ7t,,,i:7,.QQ0Z
             PQQQ:2ZR0RJi.rF70RJ..: :7triJ:.S7 QQM
                     ,.   ,iP,.jfJrf7::2QPXtr1j,QQ
            .::7SX9P12c:        ,.,
       r   ..:i:ir7LJchZRES7:         :J.RR0QQQY,Q
       7  , ,::7LjLL77rLYjj9Ej :    ,,  L.U9hr.iQQ
        . .,,.:::.:irLL7cJYLYF: 7.,.   :r,.: rZQQM
          .7r .   ..7Y7r.:.:ri7. ::..i:,:7:QQQQQZR
          .rYL77iLr.Y2SLr.L  .rjbE:,..t,.::QQDQRRQ
      ,,  .77YLJUYrirFt2Xf7tJhP9XS ,,.iU ::QQMRRQQ
      ,r:  77YUYtLi:UpSLSPbXXfh2P:,::..f.:iRMQQRQR
       ,   ir7c2tj,.2DJ7LfFX1P29U,:iU.,rL.7J7cQQMQ
             :.::..7LLJhjr7L7tj, ,ij.:.r.::rrLJrEQ
              :.r:.,..,.ir::r. ,::i,r.i..::r7cJtrR
            .,ir.:rcL77Lr:::, …c.r,…:.:jrLJ90j
          .:.:iLFi:irr7r7Lhrir ,:.,     ..ijL77hQ2
          .c.:::70SfJjtb9F1FLLr,     , , ,:Jtc71PM
           ,LrrcLj12tYJLYJcrri  ,,, .,,,.,  7JYLh9
              rffPhP2P9b9hUpJ,  ,,,,.,,.., :r77LSD
         i1 :      ,:,.::ri:  ,,.,, ,,.,  if.r:iiU
       r0hLQr77::r , :,.         , .,,  .bf2::.rSX
i79.:7,fYb7.fDf7Qc:rJQ2i.,M:h.        iRQQRQX9LiZD
ip.  . 7:L0.:7t9Q.FRY7 . fihDQZQU771rQQQRRZQ7Qr,tb
:L  . rii:DL. rQt7f7QZLQc9iEQDQQrbJQYQQRQbQMch:RLQ

Here is the picture it was made from:

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