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Monday, 11 February 2008 05:00

I'm a Bit Behind the Times . . .

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Ooops, I haven’t updated in a week, and I haven’t added any new resources for a longer period of time.  I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other trivial things, like work, projects for work I do at home, homeschooling (especially Algebra I), and celebrating my birthday that was last week.

Today I am at home during the day because I’m sick . . . again.  I’m running a fever, coughing, sneezing, and, well, all the things that go along with a nasty cold.  Hopefully I will get over it pretty quickly, and perhaps it won’t develop into bronchitis . . . again.

I have a tag that I need to do, so I’ll probably be doing completely that soon.  I’ve also been contemplating what would be a great resource to feature next.  I have some ideas swimming around my head, so hopefully today I can feature something.  How many people would be interested in my Oceanography unit study?  I have quite the collection of links to resources, and I have a Homeschool Tracker lesson plan (for those of you with HST+).  The spine of it is based on The Ocean Book by Frank Sherwin, but I have added quite a bit of extra stuff I’ve found around the web, and other places.  You would have to have the book for the unit study to be at it’s optimum, although the extra stuff could stand on its own merit.

Well, I’m off to homeschool the kids.  I wonder what I should tackle first?  Writing essays? Good manners? ABCs? Algebra? Basic Math?  Oh, homeschooling 3 children at 3 different levels is challenging, isn’t it?

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