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Sorry I’ve been MIA.  I’ve been working on websites, and playing around with website software.  It is quite fun, believe me.  I should have been doing this much, much sooner.  Anyway, I thought that I would go back to featuring free resources.  Most of the time, I can’t really think of any.  However, it just dawned on me that there might be people out there that might be interested in this.

I discovered a Content Management Software that I think is fantastic.  It is open source, so there is no cost involved.  Do you have server space?  If you do, this software is for you.  You install it on your server, set it up, apply a template, and voila, you have a dynamic website all ready to add your content to.  The components available as add-ons are numerous.  There is no way you could install all of them, there are so many.  Most add-ons are also open source, but there are also commercial add-ons.  What is this wonderful software?  Joomla! The community support is excellent.  I highly recommend it.

Some other quite useful software is PHPBB3 for setting up a forum, Gallery 2 for a photo gallery, and WordPress for blogging.  I have set up a blog on my website, but this is still going to be my main homeschool blog because I love the community here.

Hope you enjoy these resources!

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