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Kentucky & Ohio

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Hello!  I’ll bet you thought I had dropped off the face of the earth.  I really haven’t.  I’ve just had a hard time getting better.  I’m just sort of rundown by the time I get home.  Nothing to worry about.  This is how I usually am when I get bronchitis.

Today we are in Kentucky, ready to go to the Creation Museum.  We drove up yesterday in our little Suzuki Firenza wagon, which barely holds the three kids in the backseat.  LOL.  They were a bit cramped.  Gregg and I usually get pretty sore driving that far.  It took about 7 hours, but we had to keep stopping to stretch our legs, use the restrooms.  We stopped to eat twice on the way.  We are staying in a neat hotel.  The hotel room itself is nothing to write home about, although the bathrooms are extremely clean.  Well, the room is clean, too.  The outside looks like an Elizabethan era building.  The lobby is very cool, too.  We didn’t really know what it looked like when we chose it.  It must have been a God thing.  Gregg loves middle ages and renaissance history.  I will be sure to take pictures.  It has free wireless internet, and they gave a very good deal on the aquarium tickets.

Tomorrow we will be going to the Newport Aquarium.  We figured that since we were here anyway, we might as well go see it, too.  We love aquariums.  This will be a good rounding out of our Oceanography study.

You may ask why we are here to begin with.  Aric will be turning 18 on March 17th (yep, that’s St. Patrick’s Day).  We couldn’t figure out what would be a good birthday present.  Then we thought of this!  He was ecstatic about it.  He’s kind of lost his enthusiasm with the trip after yesterday’s trip, and then sleeping on the floor.  (He sleeps on the floor anyway at home.  Gregg built him a closet bed at no cheap cost not too long ago, but he insists on sleeping on the floor most of the time.  Not sure why.)  He says it’s because it’s a strange place, which could very well be.  All I know is that I wouldn’t feel great today after sleeping on the floor.  It was tough enough sleeping on a double sized bed when we are used to a king size.  I’m so sore I can barely stand it.  That’s alright.  The museum will make up for it!

Oh, and it’s SNOWING!!!!  The housecleaning lady told me that they were so sick of snow.  It’s still pretty cool to me.  I hope that we will be able to drive around in it.

Well, I’d better get ready before Gregg gets up.  Only one bathroom, you know.  Although there is a sink outside of the bathroom.  The kids are all ready.  Arianna is reading her book; Aric is playing on his gameboy, and Aneira is straightening up  everything.  She even unpacked everyone’s bags yesterday.  She’s my neat freak.  I don’t mind.

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