Sunday, 03 July 2011 17:41

My Concept of a Week Must Be Weak

Okay, so I haven't put my thoughts to "paper" since February. That makes my weekly updates very weak. Sometimes I just don't know what to say. Sometimes I don't have inspiring thoughts. Sometimes I don't feel like typing. Sometimes I'm tired and cannot put two words together.
Wednesday, 02 February 2011 18:27

Waking in the Night

Pain. There is a lot of it in this world, in this city, in this home, in this room. Some pain is emotional, some is spiritual, and some is physical. In my case, the pain is physical, but it reminds me that others are hurting more than I am. Mothers with sick children - not sick for a day or two, but for a lifetime that will be shortened. Wives who have been betrayed and are now raising children on their own. Men and women with cancer. People who have lost jobs, lost homes, lost loved ones. How do they cope if they don't have Christ? My heart cries for them. I've been through some of these, but my hope isn't on the fleeting and the temporal. My hope is in the risen Savior Christ Jesus. My hope is in the eternal God of the universe who loves me with an amazing love that I don't deserve. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. {bible}Philippians 4:13{/bible}
Sunday, 30 January 2011 00:00

My Walk in Christ

God has really been working in my life, although it may not seem like it on the outside. To be sure, our family has been experiencing a lot of issues: sickness, injury, and financial hardships. However, even in the storm, God has been more than faithful. I am ever in awe of His richness and his mercy. As we begin a new year, I have decided to spend more time with my Savior, and I wish to blog about it to keep a record of it. This helps me to be more accountable. My goal is to blog at least once a week, but hopefully more often. I would love to hear other people's insights and comments if you care to walk this walk with me.
Saturday, 26 September 2009 04:00


When I was young, I loved to write. I loved to write letters to friends, poetry, short stories, and I even put my hand to writing a novel. Somehow, over time, I lost that love. Cares and Stress drowned out my writing, so that now, when I wish to return, I struggle with putting my thoughts down. Looking at this blog just confirms the communication inadequacies that I evidently possess. Most of the time I have nothing to say at all. Sometimes I have things to say, but don’t feel like putting the words together. Other times I don’t know how to communicate it properly. I’m struggling. I’m weary. Weary of the state of the world. Weary of the endless deadline and my inability to meet them. Weary of our money problems that seem to go on and on. Weary of dealing with certain disorders in my children. I look often to the sky, hoping that it will part, and Christ the Messiah will be descending. I’m hoping. I’m praying. I’m overwhelmed with the information overload that is effecting our world. Information I don’t even want to know plastered across headlines. World weary, heart heavy. Those are my struggles. Fatigued.…
Saturday, 12 September 2009 04:00

Much Needed Sabbatical!

I’m nearing the end of a week-long sabbatical from work, including the website that I maintain. I have to say that I needed that time more than I even imagined! I think I found my family again, and they found me. I took time to rest, but I also took time to work on the Computer, Homeschool, and Office (CHO) room. It’s the first room you see when you enter the house, and it has sorely been an eyesore, and has kept me from being productive in it. It’s great to have it completely cleaned and organized. I didn’t have to move furniture around at all, except for changing the angle of my gigantic desk. We still have too many things in the room, but at least they are all organized. Nothing raises the spirits like a well ordered room. I wish I could say the rest of the house looked as nice. I just hope that when I go back to work that the family doesn’t completely throw the room into disarray again! I’m about to take Arianna to the library, so it’s off now with a light-heart!